Why You Need The Power of A Business SMS Platform In 2020

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Texting is an excellent way to reach your customers, especially these days when mobile phones are almost everywhere. But if your business has at least a hundred customers per day, it is a no-brainer that you need a tool to reach them all. That is why businesses that understand the importance of maximizing the value of every customer, use a business SMS platform in 2020. Read on and learn how your business and customers can benefit from this technology.

What Is A Business SMS Platform?

Business SMS platform is an application that helps businesses leverage the cheap cost of using SMS…aka text messages… to send text messages in bulk. A great business SMS platform will allow you to use templates, automate follow-ups, help inform your customers & leads about anything you want them to know…instantly!

Benefits Of SMS Platforms To Businesses

Businesses can save time and money for marketing using an SMS platform. These are the benefits of leveraging this cost-effective two-way communication method.

  • Increased sales: blast texting your campaigns has a low-cost–low-margin potential. Whether you need to keep loyal customers or broadcast your business, an SMS platform can help you do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved customer support: assisting frustrated customers Can build rapport for your business. Since SMS responses can wait, you can solve issues without keeping customers on hold.
  • Reduce missed calls: you can save money by eliminating phone tags if your business uses an SMS platform. It can help you follow up through a text message and expect a response thanks to SMS’s cheap cost.
  • Better recruitment and networking: almost everyone uses a mobile phone, including the best people who can potentially help your business grow. A business text platform can help you whether you need to send interview reminders or appointments. 
  • Optimized internal communication: reaching your employees without being too intrusive is achievable thanks to an SMS platform. It can help you send announcements to every team member, making sure that nobody misses out.
  • Enables updates and alerts: every mobile phone user can send or receive a text message for a brief and time-sensitive report. Since almost everyone has access to SMS, your business can benefit from this two-way communication channel.

Quick 2020 SMS statistics

SMS is a broad platform that offers quick and convenient two-way communication. Here is an overview of the status of SMS marketing facts usage worldwide.

Maximizing The Benefits Of SMS Platforms

In essence, SMS platforms benefit businesses by helping them communicate with a large number of people, instantly. There are unlimited ways for entrepreneurs to maximize them for marketing use. Read on and learn how to set up an SMS platform and the possible strategies for your business.

Setting Up An SMS Platform For Your Business

Integrating an SMS platform for your business can be daunting for not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Here are the steps that can give you ideas about how it works.

  • Familiarize yourself with the process of SMS communication and how it can adapt to the activity of your target audience.
  • Learn how to create effective SMS ads, especially when you need to maximize the character limit.
  • Set up a website for your target audience to opt-in and receive text messages from your company.
  • Get help from an SMS platform provider to help you connect the necessary things to reach your target audience.
  • Broadcast your new method of communication through ads on social media, website, or your physical store.

Creative Ways To Utilize A Business SMS Platform

Your texting platform is now ready to connect with your audience. Read on and learn the proven strategies you can run through marketing campaigns.

  • Send promotions, coupons, and discounts to your valued customers, increasing the number of loyal ones.
  • Run raffles and other contests where are your customers can join or vote. Be careful with the timing and frequency of the events.
  • Improve your customer service by using a business platform to respond to your customers’ queries who are having difficulties.
  • Provide advice and tips to your audience by running a subscription program where your customers can opt-in.
  • Utilize your SMS platform to help your valued customers stay updated by sending appointment reminders
  • Ask for feedback using programmed SMS surveys to give you insights about what products or services to sell next.

Start Using A Business SMS Platform Now

You are now aware of how a business SMS platform can increase your sales. If it makes you think about how much money you are losing without using it for your business, consider getting it installed for your business.

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