Text Marketing Open Rates Exceed 99%

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The fact that SMS marketing read rates exceed 99% is indication enough for why you should be using for your business!

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their customers. We don’t know the exact open rate, but back in 2010 MobileSquared put out this report saying that people were reading SMS messages at rates close or higher than 99%.

Text Message Open Rates vs Text Message Read Rates

The two most common metrics in SMS marketing are open rates and read counts. Open Rate is defined as the total number of people who receive an sms message, while Read Count represents how many times someone has actually opened one (or more). In email marketing terms these stats would be called differently depending on whether you’re looking at them from a client perspective or provider point-of-view: 


  • Email Read: The total amount of recipients who open an email marketing message.
  • Email Open: The total amount of recipients who open an email marketing message that allows tracking images to load within teh email. This is typically less than the read rate.


SMS marketing is an incredibly effective way for businesses to reach their customers. Not only does it have the power of getting messages into people’s hands quickly, but with 78% of consumers saying they read text within 3 minutes and 90 percent checking them sooner rather than later (compared to emails), this form really seems like a no-brainer when considering how best bet at reaching your customer base!

The high open rates for SMS marketing can be attributed to the legal requirement that requires businesses get opt-ins from consumers before messaging them

The TCPA ensures people are aware of how they’re being contacted and gives them rights in case consent was not obtained outright, such as $1k per message sent without permission or during a Telemarketeragement Act (TLA) violation which carries even stiffer penalties including steep fines up 10% higher than what’s already on offer!

This is why you need to optimize your messaging and creative for each platform, as SMS marketing click-through rates are very different than open rates

Open rate refers to when someone opens an SMS message; it’s often used synonymously with recipients actually reading the content within a text or vocalizing its receipt (i e., “Hey! You got something”). In contrast, ‘click through’ occurs after users take action by clicking on hyperlinks present in most messages–this includes both web links from emails along.

RCS Business Messaging Open Rates

The benefits of RCS business messaging is that software platforms like Txtra can now receive open rates from the wireless carriers. In initial pilots, brands experience 70-80% success with this new service!


SMS Marketing OPen Rates vs Email Marketing Open Rates

The interesting thing about SMS marketing is that it has almost 4 times the open rates of traditional email. This means if you are looking for an alternative to improve your business’ communication with customers, this may be just what will do the trick!


The numbers are impressive, but what makes them even better is that SMS marketing has almost 4 times the open rate of email. With this ratio in mind it’s clear to see why so many businesses have started using short messages for their campaigns- not only do they get more engagement than traditional methods like phone calls or knocking on someone’s door; you can also send out multiple text message per day without having any impact upon your customer acquisition costs!

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