SMS Marketing Predictions For 2021

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We live in a time where smartphones, computers, and the internet dominate the digital marketing world. Businesses use many avenues to improve their online presence, including their official websites, social networking platforms, and email marketing.

It’s relatively easy to boost your sales by marketing on those channels and leveraging your online presence. But SMS marketing predictions for 2021 show text message marketing has reemerged as one of the top marketing methods. Businesses are resorting to this tactic because it’s an undoubtedly fast way to get the attention of their potential and current customers.

Sending SMS for your campaigns is more personal and short, which is why its popularity is on the rise and will continuously be the most sought-after way to advertise.

SMS Marketing Predictions For 2021

According to Forrester’s research, text message marketing’s volume will increase in 2021 by about 40% compared to the previous year. Businesses and brands try to keep in touch with existing consumers as much as possible, and it is also a way to gain new ones by adding more to their subscription lists.

The pandemic may have been the most significant factor for the numbers to rise greatly. Still, with companies seeing how it positively affects their sales, this marketing strategy will continue to thrive in the coming years, even if the pandemic soon subsides.

SMS For Customer Retention

Email is an excellent way for brands to keep their customers in the loop, but their messages can get lost in the spam folder. They could scroll past your ads on Facebook or Instagram without a double-take if you didn’t get their attention enough. 

Meanwhile, texting can be more personalized and interactive than the methods mentioned above and is more effective at increasing customer retention and loyalty. You have the chance to engage with the customer to find out what they want, what they need, and how you can comply with their demands. And this opportunity can give you more sales.

Aside from the obvious convenience and benefits, it is also cost-effective. Sending SMS marketing is a lot less expensive than online ads such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. This is why text marketing is ideal for a start-up business with a limited budget for advertising or for businesses trying to cut costs.

A More Personalized Approach

Hard selling is not the answer to gain more sales. Consumers are looking for you to give them what they want, and many like using your short text messages. 

You can use the data collected by your text messaging service to tailor a personalized SMS marketing campaign. This strategy can guarantee a boost in your sales.

The Rise Of Conversational Commerce

You might find yourself speaking to auto-reply messaging systems or AI assistants when you inquire about a particular brand. They answer all of your questions without the need to wait for a live customer service representative. This is very common nowadays for every customer’s convenience when doing some online window shopping, but did you know that this is also possible through SMS?

Various text messaging platforms have been available for businesses who want to switch to SMS marketing. There is a feature where you can integrate thousands of keywords to program with autoresponders. 

For example, you have a perfume business, and a customer wants to know more about your promotions or other deals. You can instruct them to text the word PROMOS to your number. An autoresponder then informs them of every detail they were looking for.

SMS As An Effective Customer Service Platform

Calling customer service can be tiring, especially if the phone numbers are busy or you’ve been on hold multiple times. Customer service via texting can alleviate that dilemma.

Waiting for long call queues is not what consumers look forward to when they want to know more about your brand. People often use chat boxes or contact forms because of this, in the hopes of getting through faster. 

The year 2021 is looking bright for a more effective texting alternative. Known brands like Clinique have included a texting channel for their customers.

It is also very convenient for businesses. Answering texts is much easier and faster than answering live calls, which can take longer with their lines piling up with angry customers.

SMS As A Brand Marketing Channel

Picture this: you’re browsing a particular brand’s website, and you find something that you want to buy. However, you can’t place an order because the item you want is currently out of stock, much to your dismay.

To get through this, you can opt to receive text messages to get updates about that item’s availability in a fast and convenient way.

SMS communication is one thing to look forward to in 2021, making it easier for everyone to shop online without the painstaking process of waiting for customer service to answer your inquiries.


Having the right strategy to promote your business is a good thing, but it’s best to know the perfect way to do it effectively. 

Text messaging has changed the way business owners engage with their customers, and based on SMS Marketing predictions for 2021, text messaging will be on the top when it comes to bringing in more sales to your brand. 

You can personalize your campaigns with many innovative features, all provided by your choice of text messaging service.

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