7 Effective SMS Customer Engagement Strategies

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SMS Customer Engagement Strategies

The world continues to grow more interconnected. People are learning about new brands, new products, and new services. Studies tell us that loyalty and retention are declining. A short attention span, coupled with the many distractions, makes it hard for businesses to keep customers loyal.

So what can you do in this situation? SMS is the key to answer all engagement problems. People open and read 90% of all texts within three minutes of receiving them. It is a more personal means of communication and is regarded as a preferred method for many in the US.

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is your ability to influence your relationship with a customer. Each interaction you have can either build or damage that relationship. Keeping a customer engaged is an effective method for businesses as it makes them an active participant. SMS has built-in interactivity, which is why it is one of the best channels you can use.

Effective SMS Engagement Strategies

Text messaging is effective because it connects to people the way a family member or friend can. When you a customer subscribes to your SMS marketing list, you break down many barriers and get right to building that relationship. Here are some strategies you can use that are all available on the Txtra platform to help engage your SMS subscribers:

1. Running SMS Competitions

People love the idea of the chance of getting something for free. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, and you can begin running competitions with small values at the start. SMS competition encourages participation and closes the gap with customers.

You can set up a start and end date of the contest using Txtra. Customers will then be able to opt into the contest using your chosen keyword. You can run the contest weekly or monthly with Txtra randomly picking the winner on your behalf. Contests have a 34% conversion rate making them very effective for getting subscribers.

2. Personalized Message Campaigns

Customers are always interested in the new deals or promotions you are running. One of the reasons they sign up for an SMS service is to get informed as soon as you are running one. You can set up bulk message campaigns that reach everyone. These message campaigns have a 40% engagement rate and 90% read rate.

You can also personalize this message depending on your target audience or brand. Some companies like to use engaging words like BFFs, which help them stand out.

3. Run Loyalty Programs

You can offer customers an incentive by giving them rewards as they continue to engage with you. As you send messages that give them rewards, you’ll find that most customers will want to redeem them. Stores experience a stark increase in orders and traffic from SMS loyalty programs alone.

You can also set-up Txtra in a way that your customers can receive exclusive SMS coupons. Coupons are one of the most popular offers that US internet users always search for. Many high-profile companies have SMS based coupon programs like these, including Chipotle and IKEA.

4. Text To Vote Surveys

Giving customers a chance to influence your company’s movements keeps them engaged and builds brand loyalty. If you’re deciding on your next event, flavor, or theme, why not let the audience help you out. It makes sure that you are making the move that they want while also nurturing your relationship. SMS Polling is very effective as it only takes a second for people to respond.

5. Text-Based Customer Service

Many people don’t want to go through the hassle of searching online, hoping to find the answer they are looking for. You can set up an SMS hotline for them to have easy access to your products, services, and recommendations. For example, if you have a food service, you can respond to anything related to food.

You can also use Txtra to set up an SMS text chatbot so that you’re always ready to respond. Chatbots are effective when it comes to technical support, recruitment, and sales.

6. Voice Broadcasting

Txtra gives you the ability to turn your text into a voice that it will broadcast to your customers. Not only that, but you can translate the message to 20 different languages. Using this technology will help give a more personal touch to your messages, making it feel like customers are talking to a real person. They can also opt-out of voice broadcasting if they do not want it.

7. MMS Campaigns

Aside from standard SMS, you can take advantage of other forms of media to communicate. Adding images or emojis to your messages will help increase your chances of connecting and has been proven to be one of the most effective SMS customer engagement strategies available. Customers are always looking for visual content to help them process information. You can use captivating pictures in your campaigns to great effect.

Putting It All Together

Using SMS is one of the most effective tools to acquire new customers and engage with them. As you build loyalty, you’ll find that customers are likely to use their money on your products instead of your competitors. Apply any of these SMS customer engagement strategies and watch as you reap the benefits.

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