Running A Great Text-To-Win Competition in 2020

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Gaining a stable stream of customers will require businesses to establish a presence that easily engages their customers. One way for companies to do it is by running an SMS sweepstake to subscribe to. Hop in and read this guide to learn how to maximize a text-to-win competition for your business.

Why Use Competitions To Build Your SMS List

Stimulating your audience’s competitive and gratifying nature gives them a positive perception of your business. They like light challenges, and they also love to receive prizes no matter how small it is.

A study from 2012 showed that participants receiving a $10 coupon have a significant increase of up to 38% in oxytocin levels and 11% happier than those who received nothing.

It proves that receiving something for free makes your customers satisfied, which increases your business’s reputation.

How Do You Run An SMS Competition?

Plan ahead before officiating a program. A well-prepared SMS text-to-win competition will help your business establish a remarkable impact on your customers. Here are the key points of running an SMS competition. 

Understand Your Customers

A misunderstood customer can potentially damage your business rather than benefit it. Either you waste money on uninterested people, or you build a bad reputation by receiving inappropriate messages. Know your target audience to avoid that problem. You should do that before you set up your SMS competition.

Select What Value Might Interest Them

Offer a low-cost yet appealing prize to your target audience. Do that to avoid breaking the bank. You might also need to trust your instincts or do a survey through an SMS campaign to gain insights about the best prize for your contest.

Set Up The Text-to-win Competition

Using the Txtra platform for a text-to-win competition is super easy. This platform has a quick guide with easy steps that any business can use. It has impressive features that can benefit your company and subscribers.

Here is a checklist you can follow to gain insight into what you can do while setting up your SMS contest:

  • Find concise and catchy keywords for your customers to use 
  • Create a convenient schedule of the contest’s start and end
  • Research about interesting, low-cost, yet something of value your subscribers will appreciate as a prize and the numbers of winners your SMS contest will have.
  • Write comprehensive auto-response messages for contestants, winners, and losers

Choosing The Winners

Picking a winner of your text-to-win contest with Txtra is easy and reliable.  When the contest expires, Txtra will automatically and randomly pick a winner for you and allow you to notify them right through the SMS platform when they are chosen. 

This is also a perfect opportunity to offer an SMS coupon with an expiration date to everyone who entered your SMS competition but didn’t win. It’s a great way to surprise and delight all contestants while driving tons of business for you.

Let your customers or contestants know if you’re going to use a platform that electronically selects the winners.

The best part about using an SMS platform to run a contest is it only requires a single setup before running. Imagine the amount of time you can save by using this method to boost your business visibility and audience engagement.

Launching Your Text-to-win Event

Suppose you already have prizes for your competition and finished the SMS platform setup. All you need to do is start the event. Here are some suggestions to broadcast your text-to-win event.

Sending Email Notifications

Your email subscribers dedicate their inbox to receiving the most important notifications. Subscribers that aren’t unsubscribing for a long time mean they are hot leads to your competition. Start an email campaign and send them detailed instructions for them to join for sure.

Including The Event On Your Website

You are already paying for website hosting, so why not promote your SMS campaign on the homepage? It is an excellent way to let new leads opt-in and let them know about other programs that you run through SMS.

Mention The Event On Social Media

Almost all your customers use a mobile phone, and that’s why you chose to use an SMS platform. However, it would be best that you also broadcast your social media. Today there are several social media platforms effective for advertising, and you’ll not incur a high cost. There is no reason for you to hold back marketing there.

Analyzing Your Results

After all, the point of a text to win contests is to boost your business sales. You can view all the essential information about your SMS competition using the SMS platform. The metrics can give you insight into how you can improve your next SMS campaign. 

Wrapping It Up

Text-to-win competitions can build your brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and even boost your online traffic, thus increasing your sales. Having an SMS platform can help businesses run a campaign in an almost hands-off way.

Now that you are aware of how beneficial it is to run an SMS competition using an SMS marketing platform, the opportunity awaits for you to leverage.

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