Introducing Ringless Voicemail, Text to Vote Enhancements, and Ytel Integration

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With our latest feature, you can reach all of your contacts with important messages without disturbing them in the moment. Ringless voicemails are a great way to ensure your message is heard!

In this platform update, we have added two new features to the Txtra business text message marketing platform including Ytel integration as a gateway provider and ringless voicemails.  Additionally, we have enhanced our text to vote sms polling feature.


Ringless Voicemail

Users now have the ability to send Ringless voicemail when using the Ytel SMS gateway. You will see this feature inside the voice broadcast module when creating a voice broadcast with a MP3 audio file. Keep in mind that Ringless voicemail is still an evolving technology and is not perfect. Common reasons for RVM failures are customer’s handset voicemail is not working or setup, customer’s mailbox is full, or carrier did not accept and blocks the drop, but credits will only be deducted from user accounts on successful RVM drops.We’ve updated and enhanced three of our existing features including Text to Vote SMS Polling


Text to Vote SMS Polling

You now have the ability to create between 2 – 6 possible poll options for customers to respond. This is an enhancement from the previous experience of being restricted to 4 possible options and users were required to enter all 4 options, even though you may only want to create a poll with only 2 options such as “Yes” and “No” type of polls. Now you have the flexibility to create polls with 2 – 6 possible answers.


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