Introducing MMS Capabilities for Chat and Enhancements to Five Other Features

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Bandwidth V2 Migration

Txtra uses many services in the background to work its magic on your behalf.  One of those types of services is known as gateway provider.  To ensure maximum uptime and accessibility, we focus on the redundancy of gateway providers.  One of those providers is known as Bandwidth, and we have updated Txtra to be compliant with their latest API.

Toll-Free Numbers Only OptionWe have now added an option when rotating through your numbers when sending bulk SMS, to only choose your toll-free numbers to rotate through. This will only use your toll-free numbers when sending and exclude all your local long codes. When sending bulk SMS to US and Canadian numbers, it’s always best to send from your toll-free numbers only since they are intended for A2P traffic and allow for a higher rate of sending and greater deliverability.

Added Outbound MMS to 2-Way SMS Chat – You now can send outbound MMS from the 2-way SMS chat module. Previously you could only send outbound SMS and if you wanted to send outbound MMS, you had to do it through the bulk SMS module.

Add Non-Contacts to Default Group on Incoming Non-Keyword Texts – If any non-contact texts in any non-keyword text, they will now be automatically added to a default group. You can then respond to them inside the 2-way SMS chat module. Previously you could only respond to them via the incoming SMS logs or add them manually before responding to them via the SMS chat. This makes it much easier to manage all 2-way communications inside one module.

Merge Groups Feature – You now have the ability to merge 1 group of contacts into another group. For example, you can merge anyone that gets automatically added to the default group above into another group you send SMS to on a regular basis.

Check file MIME type – Added additional verification on all file uploads whether it be for MMS image uploads, voicemail greeting file uploads, voice broadcast file uploads, fax file uploads, etc…to check the file MIME type making sure the correct file type is being uploaded. Previously it was checking the file extension, but checking the file MIME type provides additional security.

IMPORTANT: This will require the server have the “Fileinfo” PHP extension installed. Some servers will have this installed by default, while others you will need to install/enable this extension.

Added Country Code on Web Sign-Up Widget – Added phone country code on web sign-up widget form which is now consistent with the add contact form and when uploading contacts.

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