How Restaurants Should Use Text Messaging During COVID-19

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We’re suffering from a pandemic that is threatening our lives. Even when we’re protecting ourselves in our homes from the COVID-19 virus, our livelihoods and families are at risk.  We place great emphasis on online communication by doing what is required to stay secure but online contact is much more complicated than ever. It’s public, it’s ubiquitous, it lacks filters (unless it’s an Instagram photo!) and we can’t afford to misinform and confuse ourselves in a hectic time.  If we can’t be shoulder-to-shoulder with each other anymore, we still have our phones as our remaining direct line of contact. There are ways we can remain united, remain together, and remain connected between business and consumers with the business texting services that Txtra provides.  It may not sound like much, but any business, especially restaurants,  can do so much with text messages in order to stay connected with customers. At their heart, restaurants are social experiences in which people come together, converse, relate, and dine together. Unfortunately, that’s all on hold for the time being. So with changing times comes changing behaviors.  We need to adapt to keep local restaurants and companies going in these tough times, and mass SMS & text messages will help.

Using text messaging to set up curbside order pick up

The dine-in or take-out question is no longer an option.  You’re taking out…and more likely than not picking up at curbside. This is because most restaurants have adapted to the necessary changes at least as it relates to how they “deliver their food”, and the smart restaurant wonders are adapting to how they communicate with their customers More so now than ever before, it’s widely recognized that every business and every customer is essential.  Time and time again, texting has proven to be the most effective way to reach your customers. Using text messaging to arrange curbside pickups can help increase the safety of your workers and the safety of your customers. Your restaurant is currently making more sales online and over the phone than ever done before. And how do you do it?  Sending mass personalized text messages with curbside pick-up instructions on how to get there, will maintain some order amid all of the chaos.  You can also chat one-on-one with your customers using Txtra Online 2 Way Text Chat. You can keep track of orders, their arrival times, and any additional instructions they provide. You can view all of this from laptops in the restaurant or any other device.  Txtra is a completely responsive digital experience that doesn’t require you, your employees, or customers to download a separate app. And if you’re new to text message marketing during COVID-19, Txtra offers to compete for support to ensure you get up and running quickly so your restaurant can begin using SMS & text messaging to be there for your customers.

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