Introducing Geo-Match and Updates to Ten Existing Texting Platform Features

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Geo-Match and Sticky Sender – We have 2 new separate settings now when sending Bulk SMS, Geo-Match and Sticky Sender. If you choose to rotate through your number pool when sending, you can check Geo-Match and/or Sticky Sender.

Geo-Match will automatically send messages from a number with the same local area code as the recipient, if available in the Number Pool. If not available in your pool, it will automatically default to picking a random number. When Sticky Sender is enabled, all messages to a particular number will be sent from the same number in the pool, as long as that number is still available.

It’s important to mention that local 10 digit long codes from the US and Canada are best used when sending to small groups and for 2-way communication, think of customer support type of interaction. Toll-free numbers are best used when sending to large groups as they are intended for A2P traffic and great for business uses like marketing and notifications. They also allow a higher sending rate per number.
NOTE: Geo-Match is only available when sending to US and Canadian numbers.

Updated Sending Throttle – We have updated and improved the sending throttle feature on the Bulk SMS pages. The new settings are Slow, Medium, Fast. The sending throttle is the speed at which messages are sent to the gateway to be processed. It does NOT mean messages are delivered at this rate. Once they are sent to the gateway, they will then queue the messages and send them out at a rate according to the number type.

Slow Rate: 1 SMS/Second
Medium Rate: 4-8 SMS/Second
Fast Rate: 30-40 SMS/Second

General Recommendations –

Slow Throttle: List size < 500 and sending from a long code or toll-free number
Medium Throttle: List size < 5000 and sending from 1 or more toll-free numbers
Fast Throttle: List size > 5000 and sending from 1 or more toll-free numbers

In most cases, you should select a medium or fast throttle. The slow throttle should only be selected if you have multiple long codes to send from.

Callforward All Numbers Assigned to a User Account – Previously in the settings page of the user panel, you only had the option of choosing one of your assigned numbers to forward when someone called into that number. Now, if you have the call-forward setting turned on and someone calls into ANY of your assigned numbers, it will forward that call to the number you have entered.

Updated QR Code Builder – New and much improved QR code builder with many more options to use when building your QR codes, plus the addition of new QR codes to build such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, Event, and Bitcoin QR codes!

Filepicker/Filestack update to Version 3 – New and much-improved filepicker/filestack file upload utility with new user interface. Filepicker is the orange “Pick File” button you see on the Bulk SMS, SMS chat, and other pages. This service allows you to select files from 17 cloud sources and connects to all the places where your users have files, from Facebook and Instagram to Dropbox and Google Drive to Github and Gmail attachments.

Updated Sent Statistics – Previously from the Sent Stats page, if there were message failures or errors, there was a little icon next to the status that had to be clicked on to see the message. It would open another window to view that message. Now, next to the failures, we have a small icon that when hovered over you will see the failure message. This will allow you to quickly view the failures instead of having to open a new window each time to view the error messages. We also have the failures highlighted in red while the successes are in green. Any queued or processing are in yellow.

Password Strength Meter – We have a new password strength meter that will show you the strength of the password entered on the new user registration form, password change form, and when creating sub-accounts in the user panel. This feature will also give suggestions as you are typing in the password, like not using repeated words, letters, etc…

Changed Password Encryption to Bcrypt – We have changed the password encryption method to bcrypt which is currently the accepted best practice for hashing passwords.

Added Phone Country Code/Prefix Dropdown to the Import Process – We have added a phone country code/prefix drop down to the import feature. If users are importing numbers with no country code, it will include it now based on this new field. If their numbers already have a prefix/country code, then they can select the blank item in the list. We also added a prefix/country code dropdown when adding new numbers through the admin panel users module.

Added M4A as Acceptable File Type – Along with MP3 and WAV as acceptable file types, we have added M4A file type when uploading a voicemail greeting and voice broadcast message.

No Voicemail Indicator on VM Drop Down in Header – We have added a new “HANG UP” indicator from the voicemail dropdown on the top menu header. When someone hangs up and doesn’t leave a message, the drop down will simply indicate “HANG UP” instead of having a “Listen” button there.

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