Text Message Sign-Up Form Widget

Turn Web Site Visitors into Text Subscribers

Our SMS  / Text Message web sign-up widget makes creating an opt-in form for your website a breeze.

You have unlimited options with your widget. You can control the design, what data to collect, decide whether you’d like confirmation text messages sent, and more.

sms text web sign up widget

How SMS / Text Web Sign Up Form Widget Works

With Txtra, you can integrate your digital marketing platforms so that they work together to grow your SMS subscribers lists. Our SMS Web Sign-Up Form Widget lets you collect SMS subscribers from your website, from links from e-mail, and from linking directly to a pop-up simply by copying & pasting code.

Setting SMS / Text Sign Up Form Widget

Setting this up is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Assign A Keyword Group – Choose what group/keyword you want to populate with your SMS Web Sign-Up Form Widget’
  2. Design Your Widget – We make it easy to customize colors, fonts, and logos with the most common options, and you have the ability to customize it exactly to your brand specifications to your heart’s content with basic HTML or CSS.
  3. Choose Your Widget – Select whether you want to use your new SMS widget as a form on an existing web page, a pop-up window, or a link that you can use in e-mails or anywhere else.



Txtra provides plenty of options for collecting data about your SMS subscribers.  As default data fields, you can collect first name and last name, e-mail address, birthday, and yes….mobile number.  

  • First Name Last Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Birthday
  • Mobile Phone Number

Coming in September of 2020, we’re also rolling out additional data collection fields including:

  • City State
  • Zip Code
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Custom Field 3
sms / text sign up form widget

How Do SMS Web Sign-Up Form Widgets Help Your Business?

Txtra provides many features to help you grow your SMS marketing lists as easily as possible.  In addition to text-to-joinin-store loyalty kiosks, and text-to-win, we also offer web sign p widgets.   This benefits your business by providing you with as much opportunity as possible to grow your lists, no matter where your potential subscribers are. This increases your subscription velocity and reduces your dependence on other, less effective marketing channels.

Use your website, Facebook page, or any other online presence to easily build your SMS marketing list by using Txtra’s Web Sign Up Widgets.

Simply create forms with easy copy & paste code to capture any information you want for your new SMS subscribers including:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses 
  • Location
  • Birthday
  • and more

Why Choose Txtra For SMS / Text Web Sign-Up Form Widgets?

We know you have options for your SMS Web Sign Up Widgets, but here are some reasons to choose Txtra as your text message marketing platform.