Instantly Engage Your SMS Subscribers

Keeping your subscribers engaged has never been easier or more effective. Txtra has every feature you need, included in every plan, to ensure your subscribers are engaged as effectively as possible to help you boost sales & loyalty for your business. read below for a quick overview and start thinking about how these features will benefit your business.

engage your sms mms subscribers
bulk sms text message campaigns

Send Bulk Text Message Campaigns

At the heart of the Txtra platform is the ability to reach everyone instantly and increase revenue and loyalty for your organization. Imagine being able to send a message, a mobile coupon, a contest…whatever you have in mind, to all of your subscribers and knowing that they’ll read it and engage with it more than they would any other form of communication.

The power of bulk SMS text message marketing or campaigns can’t be overstated.  With 98% open-rate, 90% read-rate, and 40% engagement rate all come from the fact that people prefer text messages more than anything else, especially when interacting with a business. anything else.

Then there are all the additional features that Txtra has to empower and surround the Campaign Message Format to use the strengths of text messaging.

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Text to Win Contests

Text to Win Contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%, making it the perfect tool for getting tons of attention and not only engaging your current subscribers but also acquiring new ones. 
Set the start and end dates, and Txtra will automatically and randomly pick your winner for you.  As an added bonus, you can even send a mobile SMS coupon to everyone who entered but didn’t win – a great way to ensure customers come to your business ASAP.
Using a keyword to opt-in like with your groups, you can create a contest to reward your current subscribers and draw in new ones.
You start a contest that’s easy to opt-in to, and it can last as long as you want with a winner(s) every week or all at the end of the month.
You can even send the losers a message with a Mobile Coupon to drive them to your storefront.
The promise of the chance of a reward pulls people in. Contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%, making it the perfect tool for garnering attention and capturing subscribers.

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text to vote sms polling

Text to Vote SMS Surveys

Give People a Voice with SMS Polls. These surveys, sent to customers by text message, allow businesses to gather consumer responses. All your audience has to do is text a keyword to your text-enabled number. They’ll instantly receive a message with multiple-choice options. Ask them to rate their satisfaction from 1 to 10 or send more specific questions to identify opportunities for improvement. Use Text Message Polls to Grow Your Audience.

  • Give People a Voice with SMS Polls
  • Ask your audience questions and build excitement with Text to Vote Polls.
  • You can let anyone vote to decide on your next special, merchandise, deal of the week, etc
  • Text message polling is so effective because it only takes a second for people to send an SMS message


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Voice Broadcasting

Txtra has a voice broadcast feature so that you can send your subscribers and contacts a voice message! Just type in a message and our artificial intelligence technology translates the text into a voice, or you can upload your own message into an MP3 file. You can send a text to voice messages in more than 20 different languages, repeat that message a specified number of times and wait a number of seconds before playing that message when the contact picks up. Just another great way to convey your deals and keep your contacts engaged.

  • Artificial Intelligence to translate your message into 20 different languages
  • Uploaded pre-recorded MP3 file
  • Give subscribers the ability to connect with a real person
  • Automatically add callers to the do-not-call list if they want
  • …and many more benefits


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Voice Broadcasting
Q&A Text Chat Bot

Q&A Text Chat Bot

Our SMS text chatbot is a very unique feature that will automatically respond and send text messages to your subscribers.

It does this in a series of questions and answers and is the perfect way to vet or qualify your contacts for a variety of scenarios including:

Recruiting for new job openings
Qualifying sales leads
Improving technical support experiences

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Text Mobile Coupons Platform

Create the most beautiful text mobile coupons to send to your customers via SMS with the help of Txtra. They are a great way to build a loyal customer base while also rewarding your current customers. There’s no better tool and nothing more important than keeping your customers happy while growing your list at the same time!

People love coupons and everyone reads their texts. So it only made sense to combine the two so we can help your business grow and help your customers thrilled!

  • According to a March 2019 report, 45% of all US internet users search for coupons frequently. If your company doesn’t offer coupons, you risk losing business to competitors that do.
  • The same study also asked respondents how they prefer to receive coupons and text message was the second most popular answer. It’s no wonder that everyone from IKEA to Chipotle has an SMS-based coupon program.
  • 86% of consumers say that a coupon affects their decision in choosing one brand over another. Another report found that 39% of customers spend more if they received a personalized coupon.
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Mobile Coupons platform >

Text Mobile Coupons Platform
SMS Chat

SMS Chat

Imagine if email and text had a child, well that’s Txtra’s SMS Chat! It’s a responsive, web-based interface that allows you to have a full Inbox View of all user chats at once, just as you do with email. 

You can easily engage with your customers, employees, residents, etc. by leveraging key functionality to provide fast, personalized, and enriched conversations that are sent from any device, directly to the end-users texting app.

Many businesses use our SMS Chat to provide support, close deals, and engage with users and the reason is simple;   every day, more than  150 million texts are sent to landlines and consumers expect to be able to interact with businesses via text.

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MMS Picture & Emoji Messaging

Think of MMS & Emoji Messaging as text messaging with emotion!  It combines the powerful brevity of text messaging with the visual impact of email and websites.

In addition to our standard texting, MMS allows you to add images, emojis, and even up to 1,600 characters.  Think o fit as having the capability of an email with the urgency of a text message.

MMS Picture & Emoji Messaging

Advanced SMS Subscriber Segmentation

In addition to being able to segment your SMS subscribers via group and keyword, we also provide additional dimensions of segmentation that will give you an additional edge over your competition. 

Advanced Text Messaging Personalization

The most beautiful word in any language is your own name.  We’ve got you covered by allowing you to dynamically personalize every text message with names, birthdays, city, of almost anything else you want!

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Advanced Text Messaging Personalization