Our Texting Automation Features Help You Use Your Time Wisely

Running a business is difficult and time-consuming. Growing one is even harder and more time-consuming.  Txtra helps you by automating some of those mundane, yet meaningful tasks to ensure a personal touch that will let you engage your customers in the way they want you to….with text messaging.

sms automation features

Scheduled Texts

Use our familiar calendar view to schedule texts in advance and ensure consistent engagement with your contacts; minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months at a time.

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Text Autoresponders

Automate responses to your contacts based on their incoming message or based on any set interval you prefer.

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Automated Happy Birthday Texts

Surprise & delight your customers with happy birthday texts. You’ll make them feel great & you can even use it to entice them to come in & visit your business.

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Self Cleaning Lists

Txtra is pretty smart….and clean! It automatically checks for dead numbers every time you send a message and can easily remove them. Saves time & money.

Q&A Text Chat Bot

Create automated SMS questions and responses that are triggered by texting in a keyword. Great way to automate customer service.

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Recurring Messages

Need to schedule a series of messages on a recurring basis? You can repeat events daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and the frequency of those scheduled events.

Message Templates

No need to rewrite your messages. Save time by reusing your frequently sent messages for campaigns, replies, and autoresponders.