The Right Number That's Best For Your Business

There are a variety of options when it comes to sending business text messages to your subscribers. We offer all industry best practice options to help you succeed.

send your text messages

Toll-Free Texting

Every Txtra account comes with a complimentary toll-free number. Approved for mass messaging and 2-way communication, they are the most versatile type of number, providing the perfect balance between costs and messaging velocity.


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Local Landline Texting

Local presence is important, so when you need your texts to come from a specific area code this is your best choice. Ideal for customer service, sales, text reminders, and more.

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Dedicated Short Codes

Need to send millions of messages in minutes? Our dedicated short codes are the perfect solution.

Dedicated shortcodes are easy-to-remember and great for high-volume use cases. We guide you through the entire process of provisioning one to make it as smooth as possible. 

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Looking for Shared Short Code?

Shared short codes are not considered a compliant way of sending business SMS. Learn about the dangers of using a provider who offers these.

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