Enhancements to Seven Existing Texting Platform Features

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SignalWire Integration – We’ve integrated our texting platform with yet another gateway provider.  While we use these providers in the background, it’s important to our customers because this enables our ability to have redundancy in our services.  Redundancy ensures maximum uptime and availability for all of our users.

Create Appointment Reminder When Creating Appt – You now have the ability to create the appointment reminder when creating the appointment in 1 step. Previously, you had to create the appointment, then go to the appointment list and create the reminder. Now from the create appointment page there is the ability to also create the reminder at the same time.

Notify Contact via SMS When Appt is Created – You now have the ability to notify the contact via SMS of their appointment details when their appointment is created. Simply tick a checkbox if you want them to be notified and it will send them a SMS of their newly created appointment details.

Send Individual Contacts Emails – You now have the ability to send a contact an email from the contacts, appointment list, and SMS chat modules. If that contact has an email address added, you will see a Send Email action button. This will open a nice email dialog from which you can send them an email.

Add Notes to the SMS Chat Module – You can now add notes about a conversation you have with a contact to the SMS chat module. Those notes are associated to that contact and will contain who created the note and when the note was created and will only be seen by the parent user account and any sub-accounts who have access to the SMS chat module. You can also edit and delete notes. This is useful if you have multiple sub-accounts having conversations with contacts so each account can refer to important notes left about that conversation.

Edit Contact from SMS Chat Module – You can now edit a contact from the SMS chat module. Previously if you wanted to edit a contact’s details, you could only do that from the contact’s module. Now you can do that from SMS chat as well.

Improve Search Performance from SMS Chat Module – We have greatly improved the search performance and speed from the SMS chat module when searching on contacts. This was especially a factor with clients who have very large contact lists. We have added fulltext indexing on the contact’s name and you will now be required to enter in a full first name or last name when searching before results are returned. When searching on number, you are required to enter in the full number.

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