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Maybe you’re a business text marketing noob….fear not! Here are posts to help you learn all of the basics of text message marketing.

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A Quick 2-Minute Overview Explaining SMS vs Text

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone for decades. But it is still understandable that there is a blurred line that separates SMS and text. Businesses and individuals use it every day to the point that it led to confusion between the two. 

Discussed below is a basic comparison of SMS vs text.

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Why You Need The Power of A Business SMS Platform In 2020

Texting is an excellent way to reach your customers, especially these days when mobile phones are almost everywhere. But if your business has at least a hundred customers per day, it is a no-brainer that you need a tool to reach them all.

That is why businesses that understand the importance of maximizing the value of every customer, use a business SMS platform in 2020. Read on and learn how your business and customers can benefit from this technology.

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5 Ways A Business Texting Platform Will Help Your Business

After obtaining your employees’ or customers’ contact info, the most efficient way to reach them is through text messaging. Reaching out to many people requires you have an effective yet simple tool — SMS. And besides those reasons, here are other key benefits of using a business texting platform you’d definitely want to know for you to maximize its use in your business. 

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SMS vs MMS: Which is Best for Your Business?

Everyone uses a mobile phone these days. It makes us aware that text messaging is essential not only for marketing but communication in general. SMS and MMS have their respective advantages for marketing. Let’s compare SMS vs MMS and discuss the crucial differences you must be aware of if you would like to use one or both for your business.

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How To Send Text Message From Computer to Phone

Mobile phones use text messaging or SMS by default. It’s been the norm since the first text message was sent back in 1993. Despite being almost as old as cellular phone technology itself, it’s still relevant and still one of the best, most reliable, and most popular way to communicate.

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