20 Helpful Black Friday SMS Examples And Tips

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Winter is approaching, and customers love to start it with a Black Friday sale! They have several reasons to shop and for you to restock your inventory.

A fantastic way to take advantage of the Black Friday sale is to get in touch with your customers using a Black Friday SMS text marketing campaign. They love getting Black Friday SMS coupons and discounts, so let them have their holiday gift by sending it to them early. This strategy doesn’t require a lot of time to set up, especially if you use an SMS marketing platform.

Still looking for some creative inspiration for your Black Friday marketing?? Here are 20 Black Friday SMS examples that you can tweak to run your campaign. Read on and take advantage of text messaging to help your business this Black Friday.

Black Friday SMS Tips

Look at these tips to help you understand the concept of sending Black Friday texts before you start this campaign. Also, be sure to maximize the character limit of SMS to let them know about the event and how to claim their rewards as detailed as possible.

  • Make your customers feel that they are important. You can include their name, so your message doesn’t feel like spam or a blast text campaign. Doing so will motivate them to click the call to action.
  • Consider the ideal times when sending a message. Your message is as vital as when they receive it since SMS is a time-sensitive channel. The best times to send your messages are when they just arrived at work and when preparing to go to sleep.
  • Never forget to include the discount offer. It’s Black Friday. You don’t want to miss out on eager and excited customers. You can also mention free shipping because many of your audience consider it a top factor that improves their online shopping experience.
  • Keep your message concise yet pleasant. Finding the balance will help you maximize the expectation of a text message. You can use a short, catchy phrase that includes Black Friday and then proceed to your offer shortly. 
  • Don’t hesitate to cross-promote. Do not limit yourself when connecting your SMS offers to your other marketing channels such as social media platforms and websites. They might have opted-in to receive text messages on your website anyway.

Black Friday SMS Templates For Sellers

You can sell almost everything online these days. Use your customer data in your SMS campaigns to boost your sale this Black Friday. Take a look at these examples, which you can tailor for your text marketing campaign.

  1. Black Friday is here: EVERYTHING IS ON SALE here at Shuppi! Get discounts starting at $2. 👉 (link)
  2. We have gone BLACK FRIDAY MAD! 🛒🛒🛒🛒Get 20% off EVERYTHING and FREE SHIPPING on all orders!
  3. Let it Begin!🎉🎉🎉BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 10% off all items at Zarangola! Hurry before inventory runs out!
  4. ⏲️ORDER NOW!⏲️ Our Black Friday sale offers 20% off on selected items. Use BLACKFRIDAY19 at the checkout until Sunday.
  5. Hello (name), Black Friday deals now live at Holly Papa Store! Get the biggest discounts before the inventory runs low. Click the link to view amazing deals >> (link)

Black Friday SMS Templates For Restaurants

  1. 25% off on all delivery orders this BLACK FRIDAY when you spend $15 or more at Dominic’s Pizza! 🍕🍕🍕(link)
  2. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!! 50% off all orders when you spend $25 or more at McJolly Restaurant 👉 (link)
  3. 🍦 ALL 🍫 DESSERTS 🍭 FREE 🍬 at Shiki’s Restaurant this Black Friday! Ends on Sunday >> (link)
  4. Order any Family Size meal this BLACK FRIDAY and get FREE SOM TAM from Thai Thai Restaurant! 🍜To view our menu, go here (link) to treat yourself!
  5. Get BUY 1 GET 4 this Black Friday and treat your friends at Inna Salt Grill! Use code 2345BF upon checkout. Ends on Sunday >> (link)

Black Friday SMS Templates For Electronics Retailers

  1. SALE SALE SALE! 🎉🎉🎉 Get 10% discount on exclusive mobile phone offers this Black Friday sale! Promo ends on Sunday, so grab yours before items run out!
  2. Hurry before 💻NEWEST LAPTOPS💻 gets out of stock this BLACK FRIDAY! Use the code BF12350 at the checkout to get discounts on orders over $50.
  3. DON’T MISS OUT! Shop on our Black Friday Sale and enjoy 20% off on all GAMING PC HARDWARE! 🚀💻💻🚀 Promo ends on Sunday, 11:59 pm
  4. FREE shipping on all purchases this Black Friday sale! Click on the link to view exclusive deals 👉(link)
  5. Get up to 30% discount this 🛒BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 🛒Order before 4 pm and receive same-day shipping at exclusive items! (link)

Black Friday SMS Templates For Clothing Retailers

  1. ✨👗💖 Start to get fabulous this BLACK FRIDAY! Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on ALL ORDERS this weekend! Book your order >> (link)
  2. 40% OFF ON ALL BAGS this BLACK FRIDAY at Le Vaugn Bags! ✨👛Limited orders only, ends Sunday.
  3. A queen doesn’t let opportunities getaway. 💍✨💎 Get 20% off on EXCLUSIVE JEWELRY by using coupon BLKFRI2020 upon checkout. (link)
  4. Get back in style this 👟👟💖 BLACK FRIDAY ✨👠👢 by grabbing amazing deals! Buy one get one on ALL SHOES effective until Sunday 👉 (link)
  5. ❄️Winter❄️ is here – Be stylish and save money this BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 🏂 Use code FFF1123 and get up to 50% savings on selected items. ☃️🧥 Hurry now before items go out of stock!

Boost Your Black Friday Sales Like Never Before An SMS Marketing Platform

There is no doubt that Black Friday sales are the most prominent marketing events that customers love. If you have an SMS marketing platform, all you need to do is a quick tweak and setup.

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