Everything You Need To Know About Application To Person (A2P) SMS Messaging

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Have you wondered how companies can send SMS that the recipient can’t reply to? Their secret is using A2P SMS messaging. It is a powerful way to communicate with their customers. They also use it to increase brand awareness to benefit their business. Read on and learn more about A2P SMS messaging.

A2P Messaging Basics

The acronym A2P means application to person. It provides one-way communication by sending text messages from automated software. Businesses use it to send updates to the mobile phones of their subscribers.

Sending Application-to-Person messages doesn’t use a cell phone or mobile device. Businesses avail services from SMS platform providers to send them. Usually, applications use automated templates to send this type of message. It is because SMS works best for time-sensitive messages. Business owners set the time when the application should send a message.

Typical uses of A2P messaging is for security purposes. It is the optimum way to send security alerts. The recipient does not need to respond to it through SMS. Automating the message provides security for both the recipient and the source company.

The most notable use of Application-to-Person today is two-factor authentication (2FA). It shows the name of the business as the sender so that the recipient can confirm its legitimacy. Companies can use this communication method to send fraud alerts to subscribers.

That is why the other terms for SMS send through A2P is business SMS or enterprise SMS. It provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to increase audience engagement.

SMS Statistics That Influences The Performance Of Application-to-Person 

Application-to-Person SMS messaging produces significant results for marketing campaigns. These SMS statistics show how it can provide exposure for businesses.

  • Text messages have an astonishing open rate of 98%
  • Redemption of SMS delivered coupons performs ten times better than other means.
  • SMS surveys receive a response from 31% of consumers within five minutes
  • Recipients read 97% of SMS within 15 minutes after receiving.
  • More than 60% of consumers prefer SMS over other types of communication for customer service.

Use Cases Of A2P SMS For Businesses

The rise in demand for automation makes A2P SMS a better option for businesses. Around 65% of the total world population uses SMS. A2P works without the need for an internet connection, thanks to its use of the cellular connection.

Almost any type of business can benefit from using this method of communication. Here are a few use case examples for companies considering avail of A2P SMS.

  • Blast texting to send marketing campaigns, alerts, and notifications
  • Sending security alerts such as two-factor authentication
  • Broadcasting upcoming events through automated notifications and updates
  • Segmented SMS marketing campaigns
  • Banking notifications and confirmations
  • Building customer loyalty by running promotion and discount campaigns
  • Registration and booking services 
  • Appointment confirmation and notification for brick and mortar stores
  • Sending shipping updates and notifications

The Difference Between A2P And P2P Messaging

Since A2P means sending a message from an application, there is a term for messages sent by people. P2P messaging is the conversational type, one-way communication for SMS. The acronym P2P means either person-to-person or peer-to-peer. 

It is the category for messages that people send through personal mobile phones. Examples of P2P texts are:

  • Text messages between friends and family 
  • SMS communication between clients and customer service representatives
  • Messages between a potential customer inquiring through SMS and a business owner 

How A2P SMS Messaging Works

If you consider using A2P for your business, consider reviewing your local laws first regarding SMS marketing. It will give you insights into ethical limitations for marketing strategies. That way, you can stay legally compliant, keeping your subscribers patronizing your business.

These steps explain how A2P works for businesses:

  • Subscribing to messaging platforms such as Txtra
  • Preparing SMS templates to send through the platform
  • Promoting the program to gain subscribers
  • Setting up the message automation
  • Customers receive the text like the way they receive P2P messages.

Start Using A2P Messaging For Your Business 

If you want to use A2P messaging for your business, you need to have a mobile number first. If you have an existing one, you can use it during registration.

The next thing you need to do is contact an SMS service provider. You need an SMS platform to start sending A2P messages. You also need experts to set it up for connecting your business systems application today.

The last step for you is setting up the software to send automated Application-to-Person messages. After you write good ad copies and SMS templates, you can enter them into the software that will do the rest of the job. You also need to decide the schedule when your application should send automated messages.

The good thing about using A2P is that email addresses or internet access is not a requirement for your customers. You can instantly reach their mobile phones through cellular communication.

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