8 MMS Campaign Best Practices for 2021

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MMS Marketing is a marketing technique that uses MMS or Multimedia Messaging Services to communicate with the target audience or potential customers. MMS is an extended version of SMS that can feature multimedia content such as videos, GIFs, and images in the text.


More and more business owners have turned to MMS  campaign best practices because MMS campaigns generate conversions more than your typical text message content. Many are using mobile marketing to open new doors and tap greater markets. You can enhance your message with high-impact visuals to engage more with your audience. 


However, MMS marketing is not merely sending a good picture with your content and calling it a day. There are MMS Campaign best practices you need to adhere to if you want to achieve the best results.


Get Consent


MMS marketing requires you to ask for your target audience’s consent before you can send them any messages. The standard practice is the double opt-in, where users can opt-in via keyword to receive messages. Once they reply with the keyword, send an automated response for confirmation. 


You must also enable your audience with the ability to opt-out, should they want to. Provide your recipients with specific instructions such as, “Text STOP to cancel.” Doing so will make them more receptive to receiving your MMS if they know they can stop it anytime.


Make Sure to Add Value


Make your messages personal. Ensure that your message conveys real value to your recipients. Check that the content you send out aligns with the keywords they opted in to hear from you. Your recipients must get relevant information that matters to them, or else you’d only be ignored or buried under hundreds of pesky messages. 


Adopt the strategies you use for email campaigns. Learn to segment your audience list and create keywords for different topics. By crafting different marketing personas, you can design separate and distinct messaging flows that will resonate with diverse audiences. It’s always best for MMS campaigns to be targeted instead of sending the same message to everyone. If you do this, you run a high risk of not addressing any pain points and being irrelevant.


Take it even further and message them what content they need from you. Listen to your audience so you can deliver well-crafted messages they want.


Keep It Short and Sweet


While SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, MMS can include up to 1,000 characters, mostly if you employ pictures and videos within the message. Take note that people also have short attention spans on this platform. You should be able to get your message across in just a few seconds.


Practice Restraint


Let’s put it this way. If you receive 2-3 consecutive messages every day, you are more likely to get annoyed and unsubscribe from an annoyingly persistent brand. It goes the same with MMS campaigns. 


Avoid saturating your audience’s inbox. Send messages only 3-4 times a month. Create anticipation for what you bring to your audience. By only messaging a certain number of messages for a month, you will also have ample time to craft exciting messages that are sure to resonate more. Be strategic with your timing.


Mind Business Hours


There is nothing more irritating than receiving a brand text at 3 AM and having trouble falling back to sleep. Do yourself a favor and make sure to send out your messages during business hours based on your audience’s geography and time zone. 


Build positive relations instead of annoying your audience to death.


Have a Strong Call to Action


One advantage of text messaging marketing campaigns is higher conversions compared to other campaign types such as email. Consumers always have their phones with them. Acting on rewards is much easier through texts compared to opening your laptop and sorting through new emails. 


Make use of strong calls to action. You can send a message to remind a prospect to register for events, check out the latest video, or even go to your website for more information. Having a blended approach makes your marketing campaigns generate more robust results. 


Use GIFs


GIFs are great features to incorporate in your MMS. Great visuals make your content attractive and pleasing. Since they are neither images nor videos, GIFs can be quite complicated to set up. Their sizes can be anywhere between the permissible file size. The most common practice is to keep it between 500KB to 600KB.


Aim for a GIF to be at least half the picture’s size since they consume more data per transmission.


Feature Short Videos


Adding videos to your MMS campaign makes your message stand out from the rest. Videos are also a great way of creating deeper connections with your potential customers. Similar to GIFs, featuring videos can also be tricky. It’s best to aim for a size between 2-3 MB since the maximum size of an MMS that all devices can receive is 3.5 MB. 


Keep your videos under 20 seconds. The video must be concise while showing your audience all that they need to know. Maintain a maximum rate of 30 frames per second to deliver HD quality on most phones. 


Your target audience will surely remember your brand if you have this element.


The Bottom Line


86% of businesses use MMS Marketing. This high number conveys that your competitors might already be wielding the power of this marketing method. MMS marketing allows you to interact and get to know your audience even more than any other marketing channel. It’s high time for you to explore this platform and see greater conversions


As you can see, crafting the perfect MMS marketing message requires careful deliberation and work. If you follow the tips listed above, you are already headed in the right direction. 

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