5 Ways A Business Texting Platform Will Help Your Business

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After obtaining your employees’ or customers’ contact info, the most efficient way to reach them is through text messaging. Reaching out to many people requires you have an effective yet simple tool — SMS. And besides those reasons, here are other key benefits of using a business texting platform you’d definitely want to know for you to maximize its use in your business. 

Business Texting Platform: What Is It And Its Comparison To Phone Call And Email 

business texting platform allows companies to have two-way communication with their employees, clients, customers, or suppliers. Because almost everyone has a mobile phone, you can potentially reach them by sending them a text message. 

SMS marketing statistics show that text messaging has an impressive open rate of 98%. This stat can be attributed to smartphones becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Here is the comparison of the performance of text messaging to other ways of modern communication. 

Texting Vs. Phone Call

Answering a phone call isn’t always appropriate, but responding to a text message can be more respectful and non-intrusive. According to research, customers are four times more likely to reply to a text message than call back or listen to a voicemail. It proves how SMS makes an efficient communication tool for businesses, providing two-way communication without compromising personal space.

Texting Vs. Email

Not everyone has internet access. That’s why customers are more likely to provide a mobile number rather than an email address. Statistics show that SMS has more than seven times the response rate compared to email. And since SMS messaging is so heavily regulated, consumers won’t deal with the SPAM issues that are so prevalent with emails. It’s just one more way in which texting performs better than emails. 

Why Is A Texting Platform Essential For Businesses

All business owners love to provide added value to their customers. This process includes reaching out to their customers and having two-way communication even before a deal can happen. The following paragraphs discuss how businesses can leverage a texting platform for their customer communications and marketing.

Providing Customer Support

Every customer knows the fine line that separates their personal life and their shopping cart. However, each one of them proceeds to speak with a business representative after getting inconvenienced. According to research, 70% of customers prefer mobile messaging to solve their service or product provider issues. Imagine how much money and workforce you can save by using a business texting platform.

Stop Playing Phone Tag

Phone tag happens when two parties fail to communicate with each other by phone. Businesses can lose money by playing phone tag with customers. Imagine the amount of money you can potentially save and the customers you can reach if your company uses a texting platform with auto-response. 

Maximizing Sales

Your business can guide your leads into a worthwhile customer journey, giving them awareness, interest, and consideration to a series of text messages. Sending a text message for promotion, transaction, support, or asking for feedback: your business can do all of these with a texting platform. You can also increase customer loyalty by using a business texting platform.

Connect With Your Candidates

Your business can potentially avoid having too many unread emails and making personally intrusive calls. Hunting a new talent, collaborating with your team, and officiating a survey: a texting platform can provide all these services with immediate results. All you need is to set it up and import contact info.

Relay Time-sensitive Info

Because text messaging has a broad reach and an astonishing open rate of 98%, using it to send alerts and notifications isn’t surprising for businesses. Even the oldest mobile phones can open text messages, so broadcasting something is a breeze using a texting platform. 

Uses Of A Business Texting Platform

Everything starts from having a number that’s text-enabled, where you can use an existing one or get a new one from your business text messaging provider. After that, you can create message templates, that the texting platform can personalize every message with name, e-mail, city, or anything else. After arranging a schedule for the messages, you can upload multimedia files to send MMS, especially if you offer VIP services. You can also set an away message, an alternative for phone tags, which tells your customers the best times to reach you. 

Here at the most productive uses of your business texting platform:

  • Broadcasting marketing or promotional  information
  • Delivering discount coupons and vouchers
  • Creating a loyalty program
  • Forwarding appointment reminders to clients
  • Sending alerts, updates, and survey forms
  • Communicating with team members

Upgrading Your Business With A Texting Platform

Text messaging is an underutilized communication method with a huge potential to deliver many significant benefits to companies of all types of sizes. Once your customers agree to receive your messages, there are several ways to reach out to them with amazon results. Smarter business owners are maximizing SMS, thanks to a business texting platform, providing them excellent results.

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