5 Amazing Ways SMS Marketing Creates a Constant Connection to Customers

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Out With The Old, In With The New: Text Message & SMS Marketing Overtakes Social Media Marketing

Reaching customers on any platform takes hard work and sound strategy, but there are some platforms that make it easier to establish a connection to those customers directly. We all know that social media is very popular. Supposedly billions of people log on to it every day. However, recent studies have shown that many of the “followers” on social media are in fact automated robots that don’t buy anything at all. In short, when you focus all of your marketing on social media, you’re very often talking to thin air.

Think of the people you see every day. What’s the one thing they all have in common? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a very noticeable accessory that they carry around in their hand almost every minute of every day. They look at it once an hour or more. They type on it. If you haven’t already guessed – and we bet you have – the one object other than their own clothing that people almost always have on hand is their smartphone. It’s a constant companion that they don’t just carry around; they interact with it frequently, use it to buy everyday products, and of course, they use it to schedule social outings and browse for information, too.

If you want a constant connection to your customers, you want to be able to reach them directly on that priceless smartphone connection. That means using a text message marketing tool that really works.

Reaching Target Audiences in Text Message Marketing

All marketing is an attempt to reach out to customers and communicate a message that will make them look at or buy something. You want their attention. You want their business. The best way to accomplish this in today’s crowded marketplace is by using direct SMS marketing messages. Getting a customer to opt-in to receiving sms marketing is the Yellow Brick Road of marketing. You’re literally getting a message from a customer that they want to buy from you on a consistent basis and know what your deals are.

To give you an idea of just how much more effective text message marketing is than social media, you need only examine conversion rates for both. Social media messages typically net a conversion ratio of only 1.85%. When you have a strong call to action and a clear, concise message via SMS messaging, you get conversion rates as high as over 23%.

Getting a follower on social media is a great thing, too. You don’t want to ignore social media marketing altogether, but your primary focus should be on SMS marketing. To give you an idea of just how much more effective text message marketing is than social media, you need only examine conversion rates for both. Social media messages typically net a conversion ratio of only 1.85%. When you have a strong call to action and a clear, concise message via SMS messaging, you get conversion rates as high as over 23%. Seeing is believing, and that’s a powerful statistic to take into account.

It shows the power of text messages in converting your already willing audience into willing buyers. They sign up or they buy when they’re engaged effectively. The trick is knowing how to create a solid text messaging campaign that gets those high conversion rates.

Tailoring your Text Messages to the Right Audience

Social media audiences are a huge community of different types of people, all of them having their attention pulled in literally billions of directions. They’re invited to read snappy comments by a favorite celebrity, news stories just hot off the presses, and interesting tidbits here and there, along with a host of songs, comedy routines, and sporting videos. How easy is it to focus on social media? Not very! Text messaging is a much more personal experience. A social media post might generate attention for a few seconds or minutes, but a text message is going to be read in its entirety and be absorbed as being more important than a mere one social media post among billions.

Think of the priority you give your own direct messages. You get messages from friends and family, and so you are very unlikely to completely ignore any text message. When we hear a text message ringtone, we think, “Important!” Unlike social media posts that must compete with billions of other bits of information and opinions online, direct text messages have an aura of importance to them. And that’s for a good reason: they are important. People only have text messages delivered from people or businesses that they actually want to hear from, and so you have an immediate connection to customers who sign up for your text message notifications.

To have a successful campaign, you need to craft messages that cater to the wants and needs of your audience, and that means knowing your audience very well.

Text Message Marketing Platform Wins

A great SMS marketing tool is going to analyze your audience, find out what they want to buy and know about, and then go to work crafting messages that will get them excited about hearing from your business. This system is going to be completely automated and easy to implement, sending out thousands of text messages during the year that don’t just communicate with your customers. It’s going to turn text messages into extra sales and engagement, just the thing you want.

Sure, social media will always have a place in marketing. You need a strong social media presence, but you should never, ever ignore the gold mine of direct text messages to your customers. It’s the holy grail of online success, the place where small businesses become large enterprise-level businesses. Your sales can explode from a single text message marketing campaign. Why are you leaving this direct avenue of success untapped? Maybe it’s because you don’t know there are companies out there who understand how this process works and know how to bring it to life for you at an affordable cost.

Use Txtra And Get Ahead Of The Game

Txtra is a sms marketing platform that crafts perfect text marketing campaigns that get your audience in the mood to buy from you and learn more from you. Txtra can analyze your business, your audience, your current platform (or lack thereof) and quickly get a successful campaign going for you. Suddenly, you will have opt-in direct text customers who want to hear from you almost everyday (or even everyday). They want you to send out your deals, your ideas, your sales, and your business information, all to a phone that they keep in their hand almost all day long.

Imagine any restaurant in your town. They get a dozen signups for customers who want to be notified when they have a sale on hamburgers. Can you imagine just how many people are going to be flooding into this place at lunch to grab a discount hamburger because they got a message at 10:30 AM suggesting that, “Hey, a juicy hamburger sounds good today. Here’s where to get it.” That’s the kind of power that direct text messaging has over customers. And when they opt-in, you’re no longer giving them unwanted messages like you sometimes do on social media. You’re giving them deals on products that they actually want to buy from you.

Txtra harnesses the extreme power of SMS marketing and brings it to you in a seamless, simple way. Let them handle everything while you sit back and enjoy all of those new customers flooding into your business, ready to buy what you have to offer. Just visit today to learn more.

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