10 Digit Long Code Texting: Why It Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan

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Text message marketing is still one of the most effective forms of communication we used by businesses today, and its popularity continues to grow.

Research states that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer communicating with brands or businesses by text. Additionally, at least 80% of consumers prefer receiving offers and promotions from businesses via text messaging, as opposed to phone calls. These are just simple stats, but they show, without a shadow of a doubt, that text messaging works. How it works, however, would most certainly depend on how it’s employed. 

Today’s world of technology offers several ways in which text message marketing can be performed. Obviously, you don’t want to have someone sending texts to thousands of customers manually. Programs and services exist to help you perform text message marketing in a more automated and streamlined fashion. 

In this regard, new text messaging technologies are always being developed. But, as we all know, new does not always necessarily mean good. Every piece of tech has its pros and cons, but today, we’d like to talk about one of the newer kids on the block: 10 Digit Long Code texting (10DLC), a new text messaging marketing tool that is soon to replace short codes and shared short codes. 

What Is 10 Digit Long Code Texting?

10DLC or 10 digit long code texting is a text messaging solution that enables businesses to use a local phone number in order to engage in text message marketing. As the name indicates, 10DLC is basically just 10 numbers, for example, 555-7777-000 — but with some added, better features. 

The Important Features of 10DLC

  • You can retain your business number: 10DLC can not only function as a regular phone number, but it can also do so while retaining your business number. This means that you can contact a client or a patient using 10DLC, but the number that will appear on their phone is your business number. 
  • More personal customer interactions: One of the worst aspects of text message marketing is the fact that most people consider it spam. 10DLC, however, can avoid this pitfall by making texts more personal and special. Through 10DLC, normal texts will appear as messages sent by your business and not from a random number. This way, customers will feel more engaged and not bombarded or annoyed
  • Improved privacy: One of the major downsides of short codes is that due to it being highly expensive, most companies opt to share them with others with the intent of reducing their costs. This can be damaging, however, as sacrificing privacy can lead to your short code being used imprudently by those who share it, thereby causing your messages to become flagged as spam. With 10DLC, there’s a lesser amount of risk involved. It’s inexpensive and makes sharing a thing of the past. 
  • Voice feature enabled: 10DLC is not limited to just sending texts, but can also be used for voice calls and even for faxes. 
  • Faster throughput: Before 10DLC, long codes were calculated to only be able to send about one message per second. This meant that planning a mass text messaging marketing campaign was very time-consuming. With 10DLC, however, throughputs are faster, where early estimates put it to be able to send about 100 messages per second!
  • Less financial burden: 10DLC will only cost you the same amount as that of regular long codes, or around $1 to $2. This is in stark contrast to short codes, which typically cost at least $1,000 per month due to the long application and approval process by telecom providers. 
  • Better cost management: Short codes are obtained via leases and, even then, every message sent and every keyword used must also be paid for separately from the lease. 10DLC, however, operates just like a normal phone plan in that you can opt to pay for each and every message sent included in the cost. 

Why Should I Use 10DLC?

10DLC is soon to replace short codes. In fact, major service providers like AT&T are scheduled to migrate to 10DLC later this year. The reason for this is simple: short codes, while ideal in the past, now pose several risks that, for the most part, companies cannot afford. Short codes are highly susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for spam and phishing messages. Dedicated short codes are different, however, and can still be used accordingly. 

Times are changing and, in the world of business, failing to adapt to the times is a surefire way towards failure. With most companies being expected to move to 10 digit long code texting this year, you can bet that the text message marketing field will soon change. One thing is for sure — with all the innovative features of 10DLC and how it has sought to eliminate some of the minor inconveniences generated by both short and long codes, you can bet that the change will be a positive one.

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